Research projects

Gestational diabetes, prenatal screening and care provider type

  • Current PhD dissertation research study:
  • A series of 4-5 linked studies: validation of a novel method to capture screening data in BC, differences in gestational diabetes screening rates in BC, screening rates for GBS and 1st trimester ultrasound in BC, gestational diabetes and weight gain in WA state, and a study of gestational diabetes treatment and outcomes in BC

Outcomes and descriptive data on midwifery in Washington State 

OBCOAP – Washington State hospital obstetrics outcomes data

  • Birth interventions in a hospital based cohort (ongoing) 
  • Cost outcomes of midwifery care
  • Impact of ARRIVE trial on induction rates in WA State hospitals – Accepted Oral presentation at SMFM 2022
  • Comparison of outcomes for a low-risk cohort of in-hospital midwife and obstetrician attended labours (paper published Green Journal 2019)

Contraception analysis of Canadian Community Health Survey data (Completed)

Birth outcomes for rural women planning community birth in the US (Completed)


  • This research uses MANAStats 2.0 dataset.  This was a retrospective cohort study to explore differences in demographics, midwifery practice and birth outcomes when comparing rural to non-rural women who planned community births in the United States.
  • Upcoming projects include an analysis of midwifery practice according to rural status and linking practice characteristics to integration of midwifery in jurisdiction/state.
  • UBC Media story:

Fear of childbirth – Systematic review (Completed)

2017 – completed

  • Systematic review of research on fear in pregnancy and treatment modalities – Paper published

Systematic review of sleep hygiene in children (Completed)

2017- completed

  • A systematic review of sleep hygiene in children ages  6 month to 18 years – paper published 2018.

The Birth Place Lab – UBC 

2017- ongoing (on pause)

  • Giving Voices to Mothers data analysis (The Birth Place Lab – UBC)
  • MANA Stats 3.0 Transfers from home to hospital (The Birth Place Lab – UBC)