Knowledge translation

Information for lobbying to support increased access to Freestanding Birth centers

  • In collaboration with MAWS (Midwives Association of Washington State), I developed a series of 1-page handouts on free standing birth centers in WA state. These were used successfully in lobbying efforts and LMs achieved a tripling of Medicaid reimbursement for birth centers in 2018.
  • These handouts presented data on outcomes for mothers and babies under LM care in WA state and growth of freestanding birth centers.

Knowledge translation for Licensed Midwives (WA)

  • Produced and led several 1.5 hour webinars on midwifery outcomes in the state (2016, 2017, 2019)
  • Produced reports and infographics to communicate about outcomes
  • Client infographics to communicate about risk

Rural midwifery and home birth in the US

  • Poster presentation at MANA conference 2016